Why the Borderdoodle?

Is this hybrid mix right for you?

I've been a working  Border Collie person my entire life, and until we had a personal experience with a Poodle-cross in our family I thought the Border Collie had the corner on the breed with"brains." It's not so!

Then our life changed and we were farming full time.  It did't make sense for me to raise straight Border Collies for working dogs because I didn't have a a realistic training situation.  Though I still have a handful of sheep I work my dogs on for mental health, and I wanted to stay involved with Border Collies, and raise puppies that were a little more suited to be pets.  The Poodle diminishes the herding instinct, energy level and shedding coat of the Border Collie and adds friendliness and will likely be non-shedding. The Border Collie and Poodle cross combines the best of both worlds, and I've chosen miniature poodles for a little smaller dogs that is better suited for urban and pet homes.  

Temperament.  The Border Collie and Doodle cross are active dogs that are curious, social and smart.  This is not the right mix if you are sedentary and theses are not good "couch potato dogs."  Every day is an adventure for the Border Doodle, and you'll find they can turn even the most mundane tasks into something exciting and fun.


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