Appearance of your Borderdoodle

What your Puppy may Look Like

At this point all of our puppies will be an F1 Miniature Borderdoodle which means a full blooded Border Collie is bred to a full blooded Miniature Poodle.  **Note that this cross has also been called the Border-poo, Borpoodle, and many other things, but I'm using "Borderdoodle" until I hear a better option.

Coat:  At maturity your F1 Borderdoodle puppy will likely have a wavy, or slightly curly coat with longer hair around the muzzle and eyebrows.  Genetically, the F1 puppies have a propensity to be a "low to no shed" dog who may seem to lose a little hair during brushing and bathing.  Grooming plays a large role in the appearance of your F1 Borderdoodle.  

Color: The color of and F1 Borderdoodle can change dramatically from birth to maturity.  As a small scale breeder, we do ot do genetic testing for color and prefer to let the puppies surprise us.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.

The estimated size of your F1 Borderdooidle is 10-20 pounds, and 16" to 20" in height at maturity.  Again this is our best guess.

Here are some examples of colors thrown from F1 Black & White Border Collie x Apricot Miniature Poodle.  **Note these are web images and we are still expecting our first litter, and images will be replaced with our own puppies as soon as they arrive.

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th (6).jpg
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