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My journey from Border Collies to Borderdoodles

Most of my adult life I’ve worked as a shepherd with my husband Joe, and assumed we would go to our graves as farmers. It was our life’s work, and how we had raised our family. Our primary herd (and passion) was raising sheep for the production of pasture-raised grass-fed lamb, and more recently we raised and sold free range duck eggs from a flock of 250 ducks. Both endeavors required the assistance of herding dogs and were the backdrop for 3 decades of raising and training working Border Collies — our most trusted and valued partners.

About 2 years ago health issues required us to downsize our full-time farming operation to a 10 acre "micro-farm."  Now we have only a handful of lambs on our small acreage which are more “mental health” than anything for me and my dogs. Our big flock of sheep and ducks are gone, as is the need for raising working dogs. I can’t imagine my life without raising and training dogs, but the grim reality is that it doesn't make sense to continue raising full blooded Border Collies. Instead I've moved on to F1 Miniature Borderdoodles by breeding a full blooded Border Collie to full blooded Miniature Poodle. The net result is a less intense, smaller, smart, social an active pet dog that’s likely non-shedding. Though the size and demographic of our "herd" has changed, the premise with which I raise and train Borderdoodle puppies is the same as when I raised and trained working Border Collies. Puppies are raised within a pack hierarchy with kindness and gentleness to insure a well adjusted puppy that is suited for urban, rural or suburban life.

Life moves on and I've decided to move with it to my new herd.




I have known Ellen for over 30 years. Her training techniques come naturally through hard work and studying best animal practices. I received Cody for Christmas 2002 and he didn’t leave my side for 13 years. His mannerisms made him a fun and unique dog but his loyalty and natural instincts were truly the characteristics that made him such a faithful friend. I would highly recommend any dog that has come through Ellen's program and give her my full support in this endeavor.

Tony, Swallow Fork Ranch, Meeker, Colorado

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

Josh Billings

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